Swab Tests only ₱900 for Filipino Travelers

Swab Tests only ₱900 for Filipino Travelers

The Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB) is offering Covid-19 Swab Tests for P900 for Filipino Domestic Travelers. This initiative is a joint partnership with the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) through the TPB.

To give you an idea Covid swab test price in the Philippines offered at hospitals go for around PHP4,000 to PHP13,000 depending on which hospital you go to and how soon you want to get your results. By lowering the cost for domestic travelers, the DOT hopes to reinvigorate domestic tourism.



1.      Apply 5 days before intended trip.

To apply, go to the Tourism Board Philippines website and fill out the application form. As part of the form, you need to upload the following application requirements:

  • Government-Issued Identification Card (ID)
  • Roundtrip Transportation Ticket (Airline/Bus/Ferry)
  • Proof of Confirmed Hotel Booking

You’ll also be asked if this travel is for Leisure or for something else; you need to select Leisure (for more details see Who qualifies for the discount)


2.      Submit the Client Investigation Form

Once approved, you need to submit the Client Investigation Form (CIF). Important note, you won’t be able to login to this website until you get a confirmation from your initial application. You should get the approval through your email.


3.      Wait for the swab test schedule.

After submitting the Client Investigation Form, you’ll get another approval with the schedule of when you need to get the Covid-19 RT-PCR swab test schedule.


4.      Get the swab test

Go to UP-PGH to get your swab test for travel. Make sure that you get your swab test on the schedule given to you. This also means that you need to be pre-approved before they can administer the test. Walk-ins will not be accommodated.

Important Note: The Philippine General Hospital can only accommodate 100 patients for Covid-19 RT-PCR swab testing at a time. We recommend arriving early since it would be first come first served.


5.      Wait for the result

After testing, you should be able to get your result within 24 hours (ideally).


6.      Enjoy your trip

Enjoy the your trip because you deserve it and use the money you saved to treat yourself to something nice. 😁



1. Who qualifies for the discount?

Only Filipinos traveling domestically for leisure are eligible for the discount.

  • Foreigners and Locally Stranded Individuals are not eligible.
  • Filipinos traveling for work, school, visiting family & friends, returning to their home province, or any other reason other than leisure are not eligible.
  • Filipinos traveling abroad are also not eligible.

2. How much is the swab test if I’m not qualified?

For domestic travel, swab test would cost P1,800. That’s double the amount of the discounted rate but it’s still cheaper than most hospital tests.

3. How much is the swab test in NAIA Philippines?

For Filipinos traveling abroad, swab tests costs P4,500 at the moment.

4. Can senior citizens and person with disabilities (PWD) get additional discount?

Qualified senior citizens & PWDs get the test for FREE.

5. Are there other testing centers?

You can only get your tests at UP-PGH.

6. Until when is this discount offered?

The discount will run until June 2021. After that the Tourism Promotions Board may or may not offer the discount depending on the situation at that time.

7. I have more questions!

If you have more questions, feel free to go to the Tourism Promotions Board website or call them at +63(2)8525-9318 to 27 or email [email protected]

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