Is Flytpack the best travel pocket wifi?
Is Flytpack the best travel pocket wifi?

Is Flytpack the best travel pocket wifi?

So, you’ve just discovered Flytpack travel Wi-fi but you’re not sure if it’s the pocket internet solution for your trip. This article should help you decide if you should rent one or consider other options. But first…

What is Flytpack?

Flytpack is a portable travel wifi router that you can rent in the Philippines and use in the country that you’re traveling to. If you’re a frequent international traveler, you know that you can rent a pocket wifi router in practically any country you’ll be going to. There are a few key differences that Flytpack excels in.

1) Flytpack is an established and trusted travel wifi provider.

Before you travel to a country, you’d typically search the internet and look for a pocket wifi at the country you’ll be heading to. Problem is, you’re not sure how trustworthy that provider is. And some sites look like they were designed by a high school student (just saying). Would you really use your credit card on that kind of website?

Not a problem with Flytpack, we’ve personally used it several times as well as a lot of other travel bloggers.

2) The router is delivered to you.

Flytpack pocket wifi and carrying caseThis is probably the most awesome thing about Flytpack that separates it from the competition. Other pocket wifi rentals have you get the device at the airport of your destination and when you’re done, return it back at the airport. Convenient but Flytpack takes it a step further.

With Flytpack, they actually deliver the wifi router to your home within three days before your departure date. And when you’re done, they’ll come and get it from you. How convenient is that?? That means no more looking for the pocket wifi counter at the airport, which is problematic if you’re running late for your flight or if you have a tight schedule for the next leg of your trip.

3) Multi-country availability.

This one’s another great feature. If you’re doing a multi-country trip, renting a pocket wifi in every single country would be a hassle. In our case we had a Singapore > Hong Kong > Taiwan trip and we had flawless internet with Flytpack in each country. We didn’t even need to set anything up! We just rented the Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi in the Philippines and it automatically worked throughout our trip.

4) Reliable Support.

Just in case something goes wrong, Flytpack has a chat support that’s available through Viber. Yes, Viber! That means you can just connect to any public wifi and you’d be able to reach them to ask for help. If you’ve had this problem before you know how much of a lifesaver having chat support is! No need to get stressed about figuring out a way to call support or sending an email which takes ages to get a response from. Just open Viber and ask for help. That simple.

“Flytpack is a pretty good travel internet solution but we wouldn’t say it’s the only solution you should consider.”

Flytpack Alternatives

Before renting a Flytpack, consider the following alternatives…

Buy a local prepaid sim

If you’re a solo traveler, it’s usually a lot cheaper to just buy a prepaid internet sim. In my recent trip to Japan, for example, I bought a 4G SIM Card through Klook which only costed around P1,100 (for 8 days of unlimited internet). If I rented a Flytpack, I would’ve spent twice the price.  Flytpack makes more sense if you travel as a group and you’re sure that your group won’t get separated. But if you’re traveling solo or if you’re in a group that prefers to go to different places during the trip, buying a sim card would be more effective.

Flytpack vs Skyroam

Skyroam is another travel internet option. They’re practically the same as Flytpack in that they also have the option to deliver the wifi router to your home and have it picked up after your trip. But unlike Flytpack where you have to specify where you’re traveling to when signing up, Skyroam offers unlimited global wifi. They also offer a pick-up option but only in selected airports in the US.

You really can’t go wrong with choosing between Flytpack and Skyroam though we do recommend using Flytpack if you’re heading to a specific destination because it would be cheaper. But if you’re a digital nomad and you’re traveling to wherever the wind takes you, then Skyroam might be a better option. Key thing to remember here is to compare the price and go for whichever is cheaper.

Flytpack vs myPal Roam

The myPal Roam is a travel internet service provided by Philippine Airlines. This is yet another option but the good thing about this is that aside from the delivery option, you can pick-up and return the pocket wifi at selected PAL Boutique outlets or during your flight if you’re flying with Philippine Airlines.

This service can be cheaper than Flytpack depending on your destination so make sure to consider this option when deciding.

Flytpack vs Smart World Travel Wifi

Flytpack travel routerSmart World Travel Wifi is another option to consider when traveling. They also have a delivery and pick-up option though I would like to point out that they have a hefty P4,000 deposit whenever you’re renting. They also offer internet service for multiple destinations, but you’d have to specify which destination you’re going to and when, not as flexible as Flytpack. Their price point may also not be as competitive as Flytpack.

Smart World Travel Wifi may be cheaper in some destinations but in comparison, Flytpack seem to be a better deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I rent a Flytpack?
  • Do you have a promo code or a discount code?
    • Yes, I do. Head on over to Shopback to see a list of Flytpack promos. What’s great is that Shopback is not limited to Flytpack. You can get discounts at Airbnb, Agoda, Klook, even when you’re shopping for travel gear at Lazada.
  • Is the pocket wifi available for pick-up?
    • If nobody’s home to receive the travel router, you can opt to pick it up from either their BGC or Cebu office or at their booth at NAIA Terminal 3.
  • How soon can I rent a pocket wifi?
    • You can rent as soon as a couple of months before your trip though you will receive the actual travel router within 3 days before your departure date.
  • What if my trip is for tomorrow, would I still be able to rent a pocket wifi?
    • That depends on the availability of the router. I’ve had a similar situation in one of my trips. I called to confirm if there was one available and lucky for me that there was though I had to pick it up from their BGC office.
  • Do you need to pay extra for delivery and pick up?
    • Delivery and pickup of the wifi router are free.
  • What if the router doesn’t work? Can I get a refund?
    • If the router doesn’t work, make sure to contact support immediately. This happened to me in one of my trips, but Support was able to get me up and running after about a day. And yes, they gave me a pro-rated refund for the day that it wasn’t working.
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The pocket wifi consistently lasted the whole day though there were days when we heavily used the internet and we had to charge it a little bit.
  • How reliable is the connection?
    • The connection is quite reliable. Haven’t had any problems with using it even when riding the subway. This may depend on the country though but as far as the countries we’ve visited, it worked perfectly fine.
  • How fast is it?
    • This depends on the country you’re at. For the most part, it’s fast enough even for watching videos online. However, there are some countries that slow down your speed when you use up a certain amount of data. If memory serves me right, this slowdown happened to us in Hong Kong. You have to contact Flytpack to check about this.
What do you think? Let's discuss!

So, is Flytpack the best travel pocket wifi? Have you used another internet service that you’d like to recommend? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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