Ice Cream Fantasy at Farmacy

Ice Cream Fantasy at Farmacy

Behold our excited ice cream faces
Behold our excited ice cream faces!

Farmacy, I must say, is one of my favorite ice cream places. They have these all new and exciting flavors, at least ones I don’t see every day like Yuzu (Japanese lemon), black sesame, gianduia (hazelnut chocolate) lemon blueberry, moonshine (coffee liqueur), candied bacon, stracciatella (another kind of chocolate ice cream) jack fruit cashew, buttered pecan, chocolate orange, choco almond fudge, cherry dark chocolate, , aside from the more familiar flavors like double chocolate, espresso, hazelnut, mint chocolate chip, milk, peanut praline, rum and raisin, avocado, salted caramel, chocolate, cheese, cookie dough, match green tea, pistachio, ube, strawberry and vanilla bean.

Lemon Blueberry with toffee nuts. Yum!
Lemon Blueberry with toffee nuts. Yum!

You can ask to try a bit of their product if you can’t decide which one to get, and they will give you a sample on their itsy bitsy cutesy metal spoon. I tried the… well… I tired several!

I got torn between pistachio and lemon blueberry. Pistachio is just divine. Probably one of the best-tasting pistachio ice creams ever. It doesn’t taste like medicine (which often happens with pistachio) at all! It really tastes like real pistachios, as if ground and made into a thick, creamy paste and then made cold. The most legit pistachio ice cream I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot. Though I wish there were actual nuts for me to munch on.

Lemon blueberry is something unique. I usually see lemon sherbets, not ice cream. Their lemon blueberry is not as creamy as the pistachio, but it’s just as interesting. It is light and fragrant. The lemon is not too overpowering, not sour and not too sweet. The blueberry flavor is barely there but present. Again, I wish there were some actual fruits to make the experience more authentic, not just the essence of it. I had this with some toffee nuts, and boy, were they good!!! Whole peanuts with crunchy buttery toffee didn’t really go best with my lemon blueberry ice cream, but separately, they’re spectacular.

Salted caramel with candied pecans
Salted caramel with candied pecans

We also got the salted caramel ice cream with candied pecans. This won the who-got-the-best-one game (which we didn’t really play but should have) for the day, and probably for the whole month! The salted caramel ice cream is not that special on its own. Simple, creamy, not too sweet. I wish there were actual swirls of caramel or pieces of salt to bite, but it was just a little too plain. But paired with the candied pecans, it’s to die for. The pecans gave the ice cream the texture that’s lacking. My goodness, you should try it.

They are a little pricey though for something so plain, so be ready to splurge a little when you visit. A scoop costs P150 and P25 for each of the toppings that we chose, and for the cone too. I suggest to try as much flavors as you want until you find which one you’d be willing to spend for. Good thing they don’t limit you with the samples. But the one thing I am most concerned about is the general disposition of the crew. For a “happy place”, they sure seemed sad and disconnected. (Maybe they are not allowed to sample their product that’s why they’re sad…)

If you love ice cream, head on to BGC at Net Lima, Ground Floor, 4th Avenue, corner 26th St, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila and check which flavor suits your taste.

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